Our Story

Our missions journey began before we were even engaged. A deep friendship that was based on our love of missions and later a love for each other.

In 1991, with two small children, God led us to Asia as tentmakers. Ruth as a teacher at an international school and Ari as an English teacher at an aviation school. Since 1997, Ari has been in full time tentmaking mobilization ministry resulting in hundreds of new tentmakers being launched.

Read here for the short version of our story – The accidental Tentmakers.

A book with the same title will be published soon.

  Tentmaking as Mission

Today, that journey has culminated in the birth of our own organization, called Tentmaking as Mission. Together, we will mobilize, equip and mentor Christian professionals, business people and students to integrate their work and faith among the unreached peoples of the world.

All the board members (as required by law), of Tentmaking as Mission are alumni from our tentmaking courses. Additionally, we also have a personal accountability board overseeing this ministry.

We are asking you to join us. We need you on-board with us, so we can use what we have learned over the years for the benefit of growing God’s Kingdom in places where the name of Jesus is not yet known.

Together with you, we are exponentially expanding the missions force of everyday Christians, who will go with their professions to the nations.

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